Sunday, 20 May 2012

Uncle Luke granted permission to coach football again.

Uncle Luke has always been in the spotlight over some kind of controversy. Florida courts have now given him permission to coach football again after a ban was lifted. Hip Hop Wired reports:

Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell is no stranger to controversy brought on by his music, but more than two decades after his first 2 Live Crew album, the rapper is still getting into trouble over his lyrics. A Florida judge has approved Campbell's request to coach a football team, after the state refused him certification on the basis of his music's “raunchy lyrics,” and his “string of arrests.”

The one-time mayoral candidate, has been volunteering as an assistant coach, but officials still saw his past as reason enough to not allow him to officially work in Florida schools. Judge Robert Mealecountered the officials' claims by noting that criminal charges against Campbell were dropped, with the exception of two misdemeanor crimes, committed over 25 years ago.

Campbell has tried to shake the negative reputation brought on by his explicit music, but has not always been successful. Last year, he was embroiled in a Ponzi scheme involving the University of Miami, but has denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

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