Saturday, 23 June 2012

Uncle Luke Coaches the Heat to NBA Title and Other Rappers' Celebratory Tweets.

If you're truly reppin' the 305, you know the Miami Heat scorched it last night, stomping the OKC Thunder and seizing the title of 2012 NBA Champions. 

For the rest of the weekend, this whole city is going into crazed, half-conscious party mode. And since it's Miami, you know that means a lot of rappers are going to be in the club, getting their bottle and pussy poppin' on. 

In fact, some of our local favorites have already been shouting about it on Twitter. So let's see how some of these urban wordsmiths spell "victory." 

The King of Cash Money was getting the night off right with a big celebration at Bamboo, drinking his own liquor.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Uncle Luke May Have Been Disinvited From ESPN First Take Because He Called Skip Bayless A Race-Baiting Huckster.

On ESPN’s First Take a week* ago, Bristol Race Relations Guru Skip Bayless extended an invitation to former 2 Live Crew rapper/official South Beach strip club welcoming committee/part-time Miami New Times columnist Luther Campbell to debate him on his stupid show.
*Or months? Years? Eons? I don’t know. I don’t watch First Take, because it’s stupid (see above), and when I had to because of work time seemed to move slower than usual.
Alas, the invitation has since been recanted. That’s according to Uncle Luke, who today told the New Times that he was informed, by way of his publicist, that First Take’s talent booker had taken back the invite.
“My New Times piece got me on the banned list,” Campbell says. “Skip only wants token people to go on the air with him.”
The New Times piece in question is a February 28th ditty in which Luke calls Skip the following, with varying degrees of accuracy.
- The “Rush Limbaugh of sports journalism.” (Fair.)

- The architect of “a cottage industry playing the role of the angry white guy.” (Very fair.)

- A “master of manipulating issues about race and ethnicity in professional athletics to make himself millions of dollars.” (The fairest.)

- A journalist who made his way “attacking African-American players as a young cub reporter.” (Yeah, but it’s important to point out that he’s also famous for questioning the sexual orientation of a white quarterback.)

- A man who “most African-American journalists and sports celebrities don’t like.” (Well, we haven’t conducted any polls recently, but if this piece was to be believed he’s well-liked by his co-hosts, the majority of whom are black. We’re not sure about black athletes — they seem to be split between dislike and indifference. White punters, though, want him to fall onto a burning pile of AIDS needles.)

- A man who “Black columnist Stephen A. Smith recently flipped” off on air. (That wasn’t a real flip-off, Uncle Luke.)

- A man who “Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs called” a douchebag. (This happened.)

- A man who Charles Barkley anointed “biggest jackass in the history of journalism.” (This happened, too.)

- A man whose race-baiting hucksterism is “pulling in viewers.” (Questionable.)

In any event, we’ve contacted ESPN PR and asked if Uncle Luke’s invite was indeed rescinded because he called Skip Bayless a “Modern Day Minstrel.” When we hear back, we’ll let you know.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Uncle Luke struggles to coach high school football in Florida.

According to the  Florida Department of Education, former  2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell better known as  Uncle Luke “lacks the required good moral character” to coach students. Campbell is known for his raunchy rap albums of the 80s and 90s, is currently the defensive coordinator for Miami Northwestern high school’s football team. After three seasons of coaching with a temporary certificate, Campbell needs a permanent one  to continue coaching in Miami-Dade County after the  2012-2013 school year.
An administrative judge gave Campbell the go ahead for the certification, but the Florida Department of Education repealed  the judge’s recommendation after  looking into Campbell’s past rap exploits.   The  final decision rests with the Florida’s Education Practices Commission. The organization is expected to make a final ruling sometime this summer. Sports Illustrated has the full story:
Miami Northwestern High’s defensive coordinator stood before his players last month with a marker in his hand and a board full of plays at his back. “Any time in this game we’re going to check goal line, I’m going to go Eagle,” he yelled, referring to a blitz call. “We’re going to hit the quarterback all night.” The players nodded. Some smiled. Some scowled.
His pregame chalk talk concluded, the coordinator bounded over to the offense. He told those players to score so often that the host, Vero Beach High, would be forced to use a running clock in the second half. As he returned to the defensive side of the locker room, the coordinator noticed a young defensive tackle with his jersey hanging down to his hips. “Shirts in,” he yelled, staring at the sophomore playing his first spring game with the varsity. Then the coordinator smirked. “We kick asses,” he said, “with class.
The coordinator knows more about moving posteriors than he does about kicking them.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Miami High School Says Uncle Luke Lacks Good Moral Character!

After making hits like “Banned in the U.S.A.,”Uncle Luke is being banned from the assistant coach position at a Miami high school.
Luke Campbell has been helping out Miami Northwestern High School’s football team for the last three seasons as a defensive coordinator. He is looking to be promoted to the assistant coach position and keeps being denied by the school board. Despite an administrative judge recommending Luke for the assistant coach slot, the school board balked at the notion because they don’t believe Luke is good for the children to be around.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

French Montana – Pop That feat. Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Uncle Luke.

It’s tracks like this that give me a great glimpse into what should be great summer for music. French Montana finally releases the long awaited track “Pop That” which features Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne and Uncle Luke. The song will definitely be a banger for the summer thanks to the the back up help that French Montana got from MMG and YMCMB.

You can expect to catch this song on French Montana’s debut album “Excuse My French” coming out on July 17th.