Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Matti Bower Needs To Do More For African-American Tourists.

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Court stand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke says African-Americans may find a new vacation spot unless attitudes change on Miami Beach.

Note to African-American tourists who showed up in Miami for Memorial Day weekend: Next year, book your four-day vacation in Myrtle Beach, Nassau, or Cancun, where your tourism dollars will be appreciated. Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower and the city commissioners have certainly made it clear that they don't you back. In response to last year's police shooting of an unarmed man and several innocent bystanders, the politicians turned Miami Beach into a three-day police state.

Of course, the enormous police presence was just a show to make the residents feel safer. But it created even more racial tension in a city with a history of excluding people of color.

Miami Beach doesn't roll out the red carpet for African-American visitors as it does for those who attend the boat show, Art Basel, and the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Instead, black people are greeted by thousands of cops, paddy wagons, police watchtowers, DUI checkpoints, cameras scanning their license plates, and a healthy dose of racial profiling.

It's no wonder some African-Americans stayed away from Miami Beach this time around. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau projected Miami Beach hotels were only 76, 77, and 72 percent full Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, compared with 82, 90, and 85 percent during the same three-day period last year.

Earlier this year, I met with Bower and told her the city needed to take ownership of Memorial Day weekend with an organized event -- maybe something like the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, which offers a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and jazz. She ignored my advice and locked down the city.

Now I understand that residents leave town and some businesses don't make money when the crowds descend on the city for Memorial Day, but the city is pitting people against each other by creating all this tension. I certainly don't want residents to feel they have to leave their homes. I want us to work together to put on an event that we all can be proud of.

It's time for Bower to bring blacks and Miami Beach residents together with a host committee that will work on making Memorial Day weekend special for everybody.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Judge Wants Uncle Luke Certified to Coach Football/

Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, didn’t have a good bid during his political run last year.
A Florida state administrative judge suggested he coach football instead, especially since he’s been in the field for some years.
The recommendation came on Tuesday after the state  refused to certify the 51 year old who has been an assistant coach with local approval in Miami.
Education officials didn’t want to see the man doing what he loves, citing his degrading and inappropriate rap lyrics, raunchy stage performances with naked women, and an arrest record as reason to keep him from being certified.
However, Judge Robert Meale shared with the court that he had coached inner city youth and high school football without incident for years.
Campbell can take his case to an appellate court if Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson rejects Meale’s recommendation, say reports.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Q&A: David Banner Talks Sex, Drugs And Video Games In Hip-Hop.

Sex! Drugs! Video games! Nope, that isn't the hedonist's new trifecta—it's the title of Mississippi rapper David Banner's new free album, which you can cop now. The project in question might not go all-out on the salacious tip; Banner says, "The title is used to draw people in to think that it's about sex, drugs and video games, but it's about why people shouldn't regurgitate those things and if life was a video game who would control it?" Which is a virtuous stance, but one that didn't stop us from pestering Banner to take a quick trip through his own hip-hop-related sex, drug and video game annals.
Can you remember the first time you heard a sex rap?
I've been listening to hip-hop for so long—I started listening to hip-hop when I was six years old—so I'm not quite sure if this is the right answer, but I'd say it would probably be Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew and their first album [2 Live Crew Is What We Are]. The whole of that first album, ha ha, that whole album you can pick any song off there it don't matter 'cause it's about sex!
What was your first impression of the 2 Live Crew when you heard the album?
I hope my moms don't hear me listening to this! I was just really really concerned about my mom and what she'd think if she heard me listening to that. To this day, I still do. As vocal as I can be at at times when I make songs, I still think about what would my mom think about this. I mean, she didn't love me listening to the 2 Live Crew, but I didn't get in trouble.
When you heard Luke's sex raps, did you find them humorous?
I would say there was humor but some of them were just sounding smooth to me. I mean, my parents just laid the foundation for everything to be seen as entertainment—if kids are influenced by music or television it's because of a lack of discipline or education at home. So I definitely listened to them but took them for what they were.
If you had to compile a sex playlist yourself, what would be on it?
You can pick any of the songs off of Keith Sweat's first album! That would do it!
What would a Keith Sweat and David Banner collaboration sound like today?
It would be amazing—lots of 808s! I'd keep his music high-tempo and go in on the 808s!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Justin Bieber Is on the Edge of Crazy.

Uncle Luke, the man whose booty-shaking madness once made the U.S. Supreme Courtstand up for free speech, gets as nasty as he wants to be for Miami New Times. This week, Luke warns that Justin Bieber might be on a dark path similar to the one followed by other young pop stars such as Lindsay Lohan.

On May 5, I invited some friends to my house to watch the Miguel Cotto-Floyd Mayweatherfight. We were all surprised when the baddest of all bad-boy black dudes, Floyd Mayweather, walked into the ring with Justin Bieber, the world's most beloved innocent white teenager. Bieber must have gone rogue, because no record executive would have allowed the Canadian crooner to be seen next to one of the most hated boxers in history. That kid just seemed so out of place. He doesn't even know how to put on a mean face.

Maybe Bieber, like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, is getting tired of being a squeaky-clean pop star. A lot of these universally loved mainstream artists grow weary of their public vanilla personalities. They simply don't want to be nice and cute anymore. They want to be hard-core. Look at Whitney Houston. When she sang the National Anthem before Super Bowl XXV in 1991, she became America's sweetheart. But it was all downhill from there. She married bad-boy R&B singer Bobby Brown and began doing drugs and abusing alcohol.
MC Hammer is another example. He got tired of being a pop rapper known for his dancing skills, so he made a thug record. No one bought it, and people were like, "What the fuck are you doing?"
Last week, Bieber told Us Weekly he was relieved to have graduated from high school. "At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading," he said. "I'm not really into that stuff. I like to be out there." So Bieber's handlers need to get him under control soon, or he could get into some serious trouble.
If they see Justin doing any of the following, they'll know he has lost his mind:
• He gets a teardrop tattoo on his face and wears his pants saggy like Lil Wayne's.
• He beats up his girlfriend à la Chris Brown, who was a squeaky-clean pop star before he punched Rihanna.
• He tries to date Miami rapper Trina.
• He rides around South Beach in a Bugatti during Memorial Day weekend while wearing a wifebeater and a diamond pendant chain.
• He hangs out with Mayweather at King of Diamonds and makes it rain on the strippers.
If you see Bieber doing any of those things, you know he's in need of Dr. Phil.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Uncle Luke granted permission to coach football again.

Uncle Luke has always been in the spotlight over some kind of controversy. Florida courts have now given him permission to coach football again after a ban was lifted. Hip Hop Wired reports:

Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell is no stranger to controversy brought on by his music, but more than two decades after his first 2 Live Crew album, the rapper is still getting into trouble over his lyrics. A Florida judge has approved Campbell's request to coach a football team, after the state refused him certification on the basis of his music's “raunchy lyrics,” and his “string of arrests.”

The one-time mayoral candidate, has been volunteering as an assistant coach, but officials still saw his past as reason enough to not allow him to officially work in Florida schools. Judge Robert Mealecountered the officials' claims by noting that criminal charges against Campbell were dropped, with the exception of two misdemeanor crimes, committed over 25 years ago.

Campbell has tried to shake the negative reputation brought on by his explicit music, but has not always been successful. Last year, he was embroiled in a Ponzi scheme involving the University of Miami, but has denied any wrongdoing in the matter.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Court Rules 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke Should Be Allowed To Coach High School Football.

Former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell has scored a small victory against Florida’s education authorities after a court ruled that he should be allowed to coach high school football. Uncle Luke has been looking to take over a team but education officials barred him from coaching after citing his raunchy career as a rapper.
Education authorities were unwilling to give Uncle Luke a chance to coach his own team due to a string of arrests and  the lyrics of his songs, citing an incident in South Carolina where two women removed their clothing on stage during one of his performances as an example of the negative influence they say he would have on Florida’s youth.
Judge Robert Meale countered that most of the charges laid against Uncle Luke were ultimately dropped except for two misdemeanor firearms related charges that occurred more than 25 years ago. Meale went even further and pointed out the rapper’s track record as a volunteer assistant coach citing his work with Miami’s inner city youth.
Whether or not Meale’s recommendation will be accepted by Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson remains to be seen, but Luke can take his case to an appellate court if he is refused certification.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Florida judge says rapper "Uncle Luke" should coach.

A state administrative law judge says former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell should be allowed to coach football in Florida schools.

Judge Robert Meale made his recommendation Tuesday. The state refused to certify the 51-year-old rapper although he's been volunteering as an assistant coach with local approval in Miami. Education officials cited his songs' raunchy lyrics, a string of arrests and a performance with two women who removed their clothing in South Carolina.

Meale, though, noted the charges were dropped except for a couple misdemeanor gun crimes more than 25 years ago. He also wrote that Campbell has coached inner-city youth and high school football without incident for years.

Campbell can take his case to an appellate court if Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson rejects Meale's recommendation.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Reader Mail: Calling Obama "Too Cool" Isn't Racist.

White people are cool too: I don't know any rappers. I don't watch reality television. But I do know that Uncle Luke's article claiming Karl Rove is racist for his ad criticizing President Obama for being too "cool" ("Luke's Gospel: The Real Message of Rove's Attack Ad: Obama Is Too Black to Be President," Luther Campbell, May 10) is itself subliminally racist. It implies only blacks can be "cool" and therefore is a racist argument. I believe the real question is whether Obama's actions have been presidential. That is a question that should be decided by the voters.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Uncle Luke - Cap D coming

Uncle Luke - Cap D coming

Orginally the song is called "Scarred", but some people remember it by "Cap D comin".

Monday, 7 May 2012

Uncle Luke Takes Aim At Drew Rosenhaus.

Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, has taken aim at pro sports agent Drew Rosenhaus on Michael Irvin’s radio show, alleging former Cane wide receiver Tommy Streeter was given $50,000 before he signed with Rosenhaus.
“These guys were doing the right thing based on what they thought because when their super-agent comes in the house, Drew [Rosenhaus], and tells them, ‘Hey, you’re going to go in the first,’ then gives them $50,000 yknow as an insurance saying you are going to be in the first round; then these kids are under the impression that they’re going to make all this money, then they come out of school,” Campbell told Irvin.
Irvin pressed Campbell how he knows the $50,00 payment was made to Streeter.
“My wife is a lawyer, she assisted T.Y. Hilton on his deciding who his agent was going to be,” Campbell told Irvin. “She helped the family interview maybe 20 agents. In that process, they can and the agents did their presentation. Drew came and did his presentation. She asked him about Tommy Streeter going to be in the first round right in the house with Mr. Hilton. He [Drew] said, ‘Yeah, he’s going to be a first-round pick.’”
“Then he was asked about this $50,000,” Campbell continued. “He said he would give $50,000 as well. So what is this $50,000? Well, this is a signing advance for your marketing, because it’s illegal for an agent to give a player some money as an advance to get him to sign.”
Campbell has previously gone after Rosenhaus saying he makes a ton of money off African-American athletes from Miami. Campbell penned an op-ed last week in the Miami New-Times criticizing Rosenhaus saying the UM players who declared early this year, “got fooled by their agent Drew Rosenhaus.”
This guy preys on young African-American players whose family members who don’t’ too much understand the process of the draft. So when they see this guy just off 60 Minutes as being a superagent and then coming into their living room; they believe anything Drew tells them.
Campbell said Rosenhaus promised the players a “valet guy” who they could call and he would buy the players whatever they wanted including shoes, hats, clothes, and cars.
“This is what this guy [Rosenhaus] sat there and told Hilton and all these guys,” Campbell told Irvin. “Sean Spence, same thing.”
Irvin said in the interview that wide receiver Tommy Streeter likely lost $2.1 million because of his draft status and running back Lamar Miller likely lost $3 million.
Campbell said Rosenhaus made the offers before the players eventually signed with him.
Rosenhaus hasn’t commented on Campbell’s allegations.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

DJ Laz Says "I'm Not Leaving Miami for Los Angeles, It's Like Having Two Women"

After shocking South Florida last month by suddenly resigning from his longtime morning-show gig at Power 96, Latin booty bass pioneer and 22-year radio vet DJ Laz (born Lazaro Mendez) insisted that he was "going to take the boat out for a little while" and spend more time with his family

But then the "Pimp With the Limp" shocked SoFla again on Monday with the announcement that he'd be leaving Miami for Los Angeles in just 14 days to start a new job with Spanish Broadcasting Systems' KXOL 96.3 FM, "L.A.'s number one party station." 

Last night, SBS's newest recruit held a press conference at the Pablo Raúl Alarcón Media Center's Studio A to "announce" and "address" and "provide details about his new morning show." 

As usual, we here at Crossfade arrived a half-hour late, just as Laz was wrapping up a demonstration of Spanish Broadcasting System's new LaMusica phone app, saying, "I might be all the way in Los Angeles. But I will never be more than a button-click away." 

Nevertheless, we managed to seize the mike and ask Laz about returning to radio, leaving the MIA for L.A., and whether he'll be joining 2 Live Crew's Booty Bass Across America tour

Crossfade: When you quit Power 96 last month, did you foresee taking another radio job this quickly?
DJ LazI did say when I resigned that I was going to pursue other professional opportunities, if they presented themselves. And you know, SBS really stepped up to the table when they heard that I was a free agent. They were like, "OK. Wait a second, we have to do whatever it takes to get Laz." 

And in business, you don't pass up a wonderful opportunity to work in Los Angeles and be with a great company that has the same views as you do, which is expanding the brand and being in more than one place. Plus, they have radio stations all over [the country, including plenty in Miami]. 

How do you feel about leaving Miami for Los Angeles?
I'm not leaving Miami for Los Angeles. I'm going to share. It's like having two women. [Laughs echo around the room] I'm going to give them each about 50-percent attention. But when I'm with either Miami or L.A., they get my 100-percent attention. And I wanna see that quote in the paper somewhere! 

Is TV something that you ultimately see in your future?
Yes, 150,000 percent. That is something, as a kid, I always wanted to be, not just a music producer or DJ. I would look at people on TV and be like, "Man, I really wanna do that one day." And I've been fortunate enough, knock on wood, that everything I've ever set my mind to, I've been able to accomplish with the help of the people. At the end of the day, my mind is set and I'm going to take this thing to the next level. 

We were pretty excited when we heard you had a lot of free time. We evenprojected that you might join Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew and the rest of the Booty Bass Across America tour. Now that you got a full-time gig, I guess that's not a possibility, huh?
I don't count anything out, my friend! Life is too short to say, "I will never do this or I will never do that." Listen, I love music. And yeah, I got a full-time gig now. It's a huge responsibility [and] Los Angeles is a huge market, number two in the country. So I'm gonna take this in, enjoy it, and whoever wants to go along for the ride, let's go! Let's make history! 'Cause that's what we're doin' right now. 

What are you most excited about with your new Latino 96.3 job?
It's L.A. 96 tres

Yeah? Well, Uncle Luke said that you felt stifled by the programming at Power 96. Are you planning to expand the scope of your role?
I'm glad you asked that question. You have done your research. Good man! [Laughs] I didn't want to be just DJ Laz the morning show guy anywhere that I went. I've always wanted to take this thing and evolve and move on to the next level. 

Part of my deal with SBS is that I'll be a big part of programming at any station that we decide to do business with. So it's not just gonna be DJ Laz in the morning, but what you're gonna get throughout the day. Along with the program director and Jesus Salas, I will be a huge part of the decision-making process when it comes to the music and the overall imaging of the radio station. Basically, your entire experience, I will be a part of. Which is what I wanted from the beginning. 

From that point, Crossfade relinquished the mike as the press conference wound down with meandering questions and endless photo ops. But the late highlight was a toughie from a 10-year-old interviewer named Sonja on assignment for 

DJ Laz: Hi, mami. Oh, no ... You're way too cute. Come up here. How old are you? 

Sonja: Ten. 

Que linda. C'mon, people, how adorable! [Applause] Dale, dime. 

Since you've been making appearances at Calle Ocho, will you still be making more appearances at Calle Ocho? 

Girl! I won't miss a Calle Ocho as long as I got legs. Even if they're crooked, I'm going to Calle Ocho. Are you kidding me? I love Calle Ocho. I love Miami. You're not gonna get rid of Laz just because I'm gonna go do a radio show on the West Coast.