Monday, 28 May 2012

Judge Wants Uncle Luke Certified to Coach Football/

Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, didn’t have a good bid during his political run last year.
A Florida state administrative judge suggested he coach football instead, especially since he’s been in the field for some years.
The recommendation came on Tuesday after the state  refused to certify the 51 year old who has been an assistant coach with local approval in Miami.
Education officials didn’t want to see the man doing what he loves, citing his degrading and inappropriate rap lyrics, raunchy stage performances with naked women, and an arrest record as reason to keep him from being certified.
However, Judge Robert Meale shared with the court that he had coached inner city youth and high school football without incident for years.
Campbell can take his case to an appellate court if Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson rejects Meale’s recommendation, say reports.

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