Friday, 18 May 2012

Court Rules 2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke Should Be Allowed To Coach High School Football.

Former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther ‘Uncle Luke’ Campbell has scored a small victory against Florida’s education authorities after a court ruled that he should be allowed to coach high school football. Uncle Luke has been looking to take over a team but education officials barred him from coaching after citing his raunchy career as a rapper.
Education authorities were unwilling to give Uncle Luke a chance to coach his own team due to a string of arrests and  the lyrics of his songs, citing an incident in South Carolina where two women removed their clothing on stage during one of his performances as an example of the negative influence they say he would have on Florida’s youth.
Judge Robert Meale countered that most of the charges laid against Uncle Luke were ultimately dropped except for two misdemeanor firearms related charges that occurred more than 25 years ago. Meale went even further and pointed out the rapper’s track record as a volunteer assistant coach citing his work with Miami’s inner city youth.
Whether or not Meale’s recommendation will be accepted by Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson remains to be seen, but Luke can take his case to an appellate court if he is refused certification.

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