Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Q&A: David Banner Talks Sex, Drugs And Video Games In Hip-Hop.

Sex! Drugs! Video games! Nope, that isn't the hedonist's new trifecta—it's the title of Mississippi rapper David Banner's new free album, which you can cop now. The project in question might not go all-out on the salacious tip; Banner says, "The title is used to draw people in to think that it's about sex, drugs and video games, but it's about why people shouldn't regurgitate those things and if life was a video game who would control it?" Which is a virtuous stance, but one that didn't stop us from pestering Banner to take a quick trip through his own hip-hop-related sex, drug and video game annals.
Can you remember the first time you heard a sex rap?
I've been listening to hip-hop for so long—I started listening to hip-hop when I was six years old—so I'm not quite sure if this is the right answer, but I'd say it would probably be Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew and their first album [2 Live Crew Is What We Are]. The whole of that first album, ha ha, that whole album you can pick any song off there it don't matter 'cause it's about sex!
What was your first impression of the 2 Live Crew when you heard the album?
I hope my moms don't hear me listening to this! I was just really really concerned about my mom and what she'd think if she heard me listening to that. To this day, I still do. As vocal as I can be at at times when I make songs, I still think about what would my mom think about this. I mean, she didn't love me listening to the 2 Live Crew, but I didn't get in trouble.
When you heard Luke's sex raps, did you find them humorous?
I would say there was humor but some of them were just sounding smooth to me. I mean, my parents just laid the foundation for everything to be seen as entertainment—if kids are influenced by music or television it's because of a lack of discipline or education at home. So I definitely listened to them but took them for what they were.
If you had to compile a sex playlist yourself, what would be on it?
You can pick any of the songs off of Keith Sweat's first album! That would do it!
What would a Keith Sweat and David Banner collaboration sound like today?
It would be amazing—lots of 808s! I'd keep his music high-tempo and go in on the 808s!

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