Saturday, 16 June 2012

Uncle Luke struggles to coach high school football in Florida.

According to the  Florida Department of Education, former  2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell better known as  Uncle Luke “lacks the required good moral character” to coach students. Campbell is known for his raunchy rap albums of the 80s and 90s, is currently the defensive coordinator for Miami Northwestern high school’s football team. After three seasons of coaching with a temporary certificate, Campbell needs a permanent one  to continue coaching in Miami-Dade County after the  2012-2013 school year.
An administrative judge gave Campbell the go ahead for the certification, but the Florida Department of Education repealed  the judge’s recommendation after  looking into Campbell’s past rap exploits.   The  final decision rests with the Florida’s Education Practices Commission. The organization is expected to make a final ruling sometime this summer. Sports Illustrated has the full story:
Miami Northwestern High’s defensive coordinator stood before his players last month with a marker in his hand and a board full of plays at his back. “Any time in this game we’re going to check goal line, I’m going to go Eagle,” he yelled, referring to a blitz call. “We’re going to hit the quarterback all night.” The players nodded. Some smiled. Some scowled.
His pregame chalk talk concluded, the coordinator bounded over to the offense. He told those players to score so often that the host, Vero Beach High, would be forced to use a running clock in the second half. As he returned to the defensive side of the locker room, the coordinator noticed a young defensive tackle with his jersey hanging down to his hips. “Shirts in,” he yelled, staring at the sophomore playing his first spring game with the varsity. Then the coordinator smirked. “We kick asses,” he said, “with class.
The coordinator knows more about moving posteriors than he does about kicking them.

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