Thursday, 2 February 2012

Uncle Luke Says Drew Rosenhaus Needs To Give Back to Black Community.

I like Drew Rosenhaus,  I have no problems saying that.I have met him a few times and I find him to be quite the character.  I don’t have any inside knowledge like Luke has, but I do know, that for the most part he fights hard for his players. He has also been known to do things that other agents wouldn't for his clients, but Luke says that he is a fraud.  Here is what he had to say.
Rosenhaus is the Gordon Gekko of the NFL, preaching a greed-is-good philosophy to the players he represents. The man who inspired Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire character recklessly offers young black men the world. He’ll throw a kid $50,000 just to sign with him and promise a house on Star Island. Instead of teaching his clients how to be responsible with their money, Rosenhaus shows them that football is all about living large. He sells only the glitz and glamour.
Rosenhaus has accumulated a net worth of $65 million by hustling football players from South Florida and those who attended the University of Miami. Heck, Miami Northwestern, Miami Jackson, Miami Central, and all the other local high school football powerhouses might as well find him a locker for all the time he has spent at those schools wooing the athletes he now represents. Yet he has never donated a dime to the youth programs in Overtown or Liberty City. He has never bought a helmet or a single book for the kids who could eventually end up on his client roster.
I’m sick and tired of Rosenhaus getting rich off the African-American community. He needs to give back. He can start by teaching football players from an early age about fiscal responsibility and saving for a rainy day.I don’t doubt Luke’s claims.It is what a lot of agents do, so I don’t know if Rosenhaus has any more responsibility than any other agent to give back to the black community.If he is getting his clients million dollars deals, shouldn't it be those athletes Luke should throw his venom at?I rarely blame the supplier, I blame the user.  Rosenhaus might give you the gun, doesn’t mean you have to pull the trigger.

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