Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Advice-For-Ballers :: Uncle Luke Warns Jeremy Lin, “Beware of C**chie & Groupies”

Rapper Luther R. Campbell, famously known as Luke Skyywalker or Uncle Luke, has some words of advice for the NY Knicks’ new superstar Jeremy Lin. America has been going through a season of Linsanity, as California native Lin has been going through an unexpected winning streak on the court. This week, the Knicks guard returns to his hometown with his team to play against the Miami Heat. And Uncle Luke has dished  advice for the spotlight newbie.
Campbell says,
“Lin isn’t ready for the power of the coochie… Lin was just another unknown D-leaguer before breaking out this season. He’s not used to the headlines and babes fawning all over him. Until recently, he was sleeping on his brother’s couch and couldn’t have gotten laid in Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval. Last week., I’m sure he had every fine model who strutted the catwalk during New York Fashion Week waiting for him outside Madison Square Garden… I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kim Kardashian sitting courtside this Thursday night at the American Airlines Arena. She and every come-up reality show star will be the first ones to try to snag Lin. Paris Hilton is gonna run up to him at LIV and say, ‘Oh, Jeremy, what’s up, big boy?’ Or something like that …When it goes after celebrity male athletes, the va-jay-jay is undefeated; it’s never lost. My advice to Lin: Beware the power of the coochie.”

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