Monday, 6 February 2012

Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke.

Based on the 1962 French film La Jetee, The Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke is a re-telling of the classic put into words our generation can understand.
The film has a firm grasp on surrealism and is not afraid to make fun of itself.  Director Mayer possesses a keen understanding that just because something is projected in a silly manner does not mean it can’t express a message. This movie was definitely an internal reflection of its main character—showcasing them as a product of their environment and they know it.
The colors were easily my favorite part of this film. It is cartoon-like in nature but still engaging when it comes to story and plot. Even though the film is short, (twelve minutes and some change) it is saturated in both metaphor and satire. And while it is highly enjoyable, it probably isn’t the best thing to share with the whole family.
Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke is competing in the Shorts Competition.

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