Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Former 2 Live Crew member Uncle Luke gets permission from the state to coach football in Florida.

And you thought your neighbor’s dad who drove a Suburban was cool.
Today in Florida news, former 2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell recieved permission from the state to serve as the defensive coordinator at Miami Northwestern High School. This is news today because it’s been a slow news day! Campbell already had a temporary permit from the state, however today he will now be known for as long as he abides by the rules as Coach Luke.
The “rules” however are much different then the ones your creepy friend’s dad gets to coach an AYSO team. He must complete ethics classes, notify the state if he gets involved in the adult entertainment industry, and provide proof that he has made child support payments.
So that is that. If he does not promote porn or open a strip club and he pays his child support, he can coach young adults in America’s most ethical game: football. Let’s hope his tenure at the school is much more successful then his run for mayor of Miami.

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